Hello, this URL used to host a Facebook app called YouAreWhatYouLike, which no longer exists. This app was created by CubeYou in 2013 and the website URL was administered by the University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre. When the app stopped working around June 2015, we decided to redirect this website elsewhere.

The YouAreWhatYouLike (YAWYL) app showed users feedback on their predicted personality from Likes, and the predicted personalities of their friends. This was possible using Facebook’s developer tools at the time. The website footer showed both CubeYou and the Centre’s logos and the terms gave both organisations explicit consent for the data collected by the app to be used anonymously for academic and business purposes. You can view the terms that were shown to YAWYL users here.

The Psychometrics Centre was involved with this app for two main reasons:

The Centre developed an app called Apply Magic Sauce that also provided personality predictions to users, but this app has never requested access to friends’ data. It is available at applymagicsauce.com as part of our ongoing commitment to raise public awareness around the possibilities of digital footprint analysis. Your online data is valuable and you ought to know what it says about you; read the terms and think before you click.

The University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre.